Vagalume Concept

vagalume is the Brazilian term for »fire fly«. Just as the little creatures enchant the world in the evening, the vagalume Light Figures unfold their unique effect with their magnificent costumes in the vagalume Light Performance. The sparkling and glittering costumes enthral the audience at vagalume parades, walk acts or other performances.


The Costumes

Each vagalume Light Costume including the head piece is
hand-made and therefore unique. More than 150 costumes representing various style epochs from Rococo and the Middle Ages, to the fairy world, are ready for your event.

The costumes are illuminated through hundreds of LED lights causing the luminous intensity with which their magic effect is unfolded. The lights are fed by a battery worn on a belt. The system is suitable to enable a performance also in the event of

light rain or snow.


The Realisation

vagalume is specialised in the staging of Light parades (indoor and outdoor) as well as various Light walk acts and interactive Street Entertainment. We are glad to realise your individual wishes and ideas (thematically as well as for the music), starting with an event-specific concept, casting and contracting of artists, development of the choreography to realisation including accompanying music.


Our top-seller is the „vagalume Apple Performance”: an interactive „Apple- and Fire-Seduction" in the style of a magical ritual.


Theme Proposals and Examples

vagalume „Urban fairy tale": Our enchanting vagalume light creatures live in the heart of the city. Only once a year they appear to us humans, dance to modern music and tell us, with their choreography, an „urban fairy tale“.


vagalume „White Parade": Inspired by the White Party-events

- known and popular in all cities of the world


vagalume „Rokoko light dance": Dancers in magnificent costumes present choreographies with classical music and

invite the audience to dance with them.


vagalume „Tropical Nights/Burlesque Pocketshow”:

Walk-acts mit circus elements and contemporary dance.


The Artist

The German-Brazilian Fernando Cézar Vieira started his career in the entertainment business at a young age. He studied circus acting at the International School of São Paulo, where he also gained experience in stage acting and cinematography. For more than 20 years, he has worked in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and in various places in Europe as show producer.


He has established his own business in 2004, organizing and presenting vagalume Light Parades, Christmas Parades and street performances in numerous events in Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Estonia, The Netherlands, Iceland and Germany.